Bags will be available Saturday May 3, 2014 starting at 8AM in front of the Sandgate Town Office

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Town Reports are available at the Town Office and can be picked up Wednesdays and Mondays between 9:30 and 2PM at the Town Office

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MONDAY 9:30-12:30 NOON

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Community forum health market place

Thursday July 18th 7:00PM-8:30PM at Martha Canfield Library
Speaker Robin Lunge, Director of Health Care Reform

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Agenda Selectboard 6/17/13

Agenda for 6/17/2013

Old business:
1. Accepting minutes for June 3,2013
2. Highway Flow Chart
3. Upcoming projects
4. Sheriff money

New business:
1. Map printer
2. No Sort ISWP

Jerry/Patricia Hall 802 375-9719

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Sandgate enrolled in Fema Emergency Program

Town of Sandgate (CID 500183) enrolled officially in Emergency Program of NFID FEMA data base.

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Agenda Selectboard 6/3/13

Old Business:
1. Accepting the minutes of the last meeting
2.Sheriff-Police Chief to speak to Board
3. Road report-Lincoln Lane and other Roads
4. Report on using Funds from Tax Stabilization Fund et. al.
5. Reality Hunting Camps

New Business-None

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Agenda Selectboard 5/20/13


Old business:

  1. Rupert Road Money
  2. Can Road Foreman give Federal Tax Number to Vendors?
  3. Highway report
    a) Woodcock Road Bridge
  4. Sheriff Services

New business:

  1. Tool box for Highway
  2. Traffic signs for Woodcock Road;
    a) SE Corners
    b) Near Town Hall for Woodcock Road

Chair: Jerry Hall – 375-9719 or

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Woodcock Road Bridge Closed

The State of Vermont Highway Department has mandated that the bridge on Woodcock Road be closed effective May 13,2013 until approximately November 2, 2013. This time will be needed to make repairs to the bridge. Entry and exit for Woodcock Road can be accomplished by using the entrance near the Town Hall. 911 Emergency Services,(Police, Fire & Emts) have been advised of this change.

Jerry Hall, Select Board Chairman

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SE Corners Bus Stop Closed

Until future notice, children will be picked up where Woodcock Rd meets Sandgate Road near the Sandgate Town Hall.

Alan Tschorn

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