Meet Your New Legislator

Newly elected Representative, Kathleen James, will be at the Sandgate Town Hall for a “meet and greet” on Monday, Jan 7 at 5:30 pm, prior to the 6:30 select board meeting. This is a time to let your state representatives know about your governmental concerns.

Election Results 11/06/2018

New property maps are available at the town office


A property owner may establish a 500-foot Safety Zone around an occupied dwelling, residence, barn, stable or other building with signs provided by the Fish & Wildlife Department. These signs shall be placed at each corner of the safety zone and no more than 200 feet apart. Shooting is prohibited in the Safety Zone and no wild animal may be taken within it without permission from the owner.
Please refer to the Vermont Statutes Online at

Lister’s Notice to Taxpayers

The state of Vermont has sent a list to the town of Sandgate of people to whom refund money was sent but unclaimed. If you are on the list and would like to claim your refund, you may download the claim form here.

Letter to Vermont Veterans